Empower your clinical development decision

Our individual patient response characterization technology is developed to empower clinical researchers to achieve high level of reliable information. Tools4patient’s core team and consultants have decades of drug development expertise with both multinational pharmaceutical companies as well as biotechnologies companies and a variety of clinical research organizations. Therefore our approach includes a suite of ancillary supports such as but not limited to:

  • Mathematical support to biomarker selection
  • Innovative data interpretation and methodologies evaluation



We offer an e-training platform especially for the training of our technology in clinical research environment. It is easy to use and allows training any users around the world, to interact with trainers and review the content as much as users needed to completely integrate all information. You can log in at any time, from anywhere, via any device connected to the internet, and acquire the benefits of being trained with use of our technology.

Scientific Validation

T4P personnalised medicine approaches (patient response characterization via mathematical predicitive algorithmic methodologies) up to production release, follow pre-defined development plans, peer reviews and validation protocols. Data obtained from ourdevelopment and validation studies have been published at several scientific congresses as well as presented at the FDA meeting.

Regulatory compliance

Our technology was developed and validated in accordance with Good Clinical Practices. It adheres to ICH guidelines and as a computer implemented technology, is CRF21 Part 11 compliant requirements.