Achieving innovation by challenging today's drug development paradigm and disrupting the status quo

“Tools4Patient understands that patients are central to drug development – and if we can better understand the patient, we can improve the efficiency and/or the effectiveness of clinical trials. We are providing solutions that address key sources of data variability in clinical trials to, along with sponsor companies and CROs, accelerate the delivery of therapies to the patient”
Dominique Demolle, PhD, CEO of Tools4Patient

Tools4Patient Innovation Journey

Tools4Patient is passionate about empowering pharmaceutical and biotech companies to improve decision making and de-risk clinical drug development, ultimately aiming to accelerate patient access to new medications.

The company was founded by long-time colleagues with decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry who set out to tackle some of the most challenging issues that prevent drugs from reaching the marketplace.

The needs of patients as stakeholders in the therapeutic development process are at the center of Tools4Patient's objective and approach to developing predictive tools.


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Research and Development

Tools4Patient is focused on tackling some of the most complex issues that plague drug development in an effort to improve clinical trial conduct and data analysis. Core to our approach is the ability to understand patient personality and other traits and quantify their contribution to behavior and response to treatment. We are always seeking new challenges to address and new applications for our technologies. Contact us to talk about how we could work together to address issues in your development programs.

Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture is central to the success of our employees, team and company

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Performance Management

Annual objective setting and performance evaluation aimed to support and develop all employees

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Continuing Education

An opportunity for everyone to learn and stay current in their field of expertise

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Break space

Dedicated space to promote social interactions, well-being and relaxation

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Team events

Sports, recreation and social events with colleagues

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Training Program

Each employee is supported by an in-depth training program from day one

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Human Dimension

Management focus on information transparency, individual accountability and growth



Reducing clinical data variability. Empowering better decision making. Accelerating the launch of therapeutics to market.