SMi’s 19th Annual Pain Therapeutics Conference

The global opioids market size was valued at $22.96bn USD in 2016 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.8% between 2018 and 2025.

Date: May 13 – 14, 2019
Location: London, UK

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OARSI World Congress 2019

The annual OARSI Congress is the pre-eminent multidisciplinary global forum for all those interested in cutting edge OA research.

Date: May 2 – 5, 2019
Location: Toronto, Canada

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DIA/FDA Biostatistics Meeting 2019

The DIA/FDA Biostatistics Industry and Regulator Forum is focused on statistical thinking to inform policy, regulation, development, and review of medical products.

Date: April 8 – 10, 2019
Location: North Bethesda, MD, USA

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American Pain Society 2019

he APS meeting offers innovative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary pain science educational sessions.

Date: April 3 – 6, 2019
Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA

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BIO Europe Spring 2019

The event in Vienna will bring together the “who’s who” from the biotech, pharma and finance segments.

Date: March 25 – 27, 2019
Location: Vienna, Austria

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Patient Partnering

The second Patient Partnering in Clinical Development (PPCD) conference.

Date: March 19 – 20, 2019 Location: Berlin, Germany

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Biotech Showcase

The event is considered a critical strategic benchmark for business development activities and one of the year’s most important investor conferences.

Date: Jan. 7 – 10, 2019
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

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Tools4Patient Launches Placebell©™ In Peripheral Neuropathic Pain

Tools4Patient Gosselies, Belgium has launched its Placebell©™ technology, which aims to identify and control for the individual patient placebo response in clinical trials.

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