Evaluate individual patient psychology to better understand the impact of the COVID crisis on clinical trials

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on ongoing clinical trials is multi-factorial: it is changing the way patients interact with clinical investigators and clinical sites, changing the way outcomes are measured and increasing patient stress.  Patients will perceive these factors uniquely and their response will be influenced by specific characteristics, including psychology, expectation and social factors.  COV-IQ aims to provide an additional level of data to potentially better understand innate patient characteristics that will influence their behavior and response in clinical trials.

Evaluate each patient along 4 axes that are part of our proprietary MPsQ platform:

  • Psychological traits
  • Expectation
  • Relationship with trial site and staff
  • Social factors
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Monitor patients over time

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Compare to historical MPsQ database

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Guide data analysis strategies

Data can be analyzed using advanced proprietary mathematical and statistical techniques (e.g. machine learning) to potentially improve analysis of clinical trial data and reduce the risk of an inconclusive trial.


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Dear partners and friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting us at the level of countries, communities, companies and families. We all recognize the difficult task of maintaining business continuity in the face of uncertainty, and the potential upheaval caused by the interruption and delay of activities.

Yet, as members of the biopharma community, we remain committed to our common mission of delivering medicines to patients. Our industry now faces the challenge of delivering on the near-term portfolio, maintaining timelines, and making decisions with less patient data. We must meet dual objectives: we have an obligation to the patients in need of new medicines and an obligation to the patients participating in clinical trials. In this environment, optimizing trial efficiency and maximizing the data obtained from every patient in a clinical study is more important than ever.

We, as leaders of the industry, have both the opportunity and the obligation to design the future. Meeting the challenges posed to portfolio delivery, timelines and data will require new levels of innovation and cooperation. We must think in new ways and be bold in our actions to deliver our industry’s future to a world that will be fundamentally changed.

Tomorrow even more than today, our corporate values will drive us on the path we have set since the inception of the company. At Tools4Patient, we value agility, we value integrity, and we value science. We are emboldened in our commitment to develop methodologies to optimize and de-risk clinical development. While we are stalwart in continuing our business activities, we also invite opportunities to apply these technologies to therapeutic approaches for COVID-19.

From my team to yours, I wish you and your families good health.

Stay safe,

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