Administer psychological questionnaires to patients in clinical trials easily and seamlessly

Tools4Patient’s unik-me platform has been designed from the ground up with one primary objective – to administer psychological questionnaires with little patient burden. We considered our own personal experience along with client feedback from other platforms to build a system that is intuitive and easy-to-use for both patients and sites. Unik-me is also designed with data integrity in mind, as safeguards have been built-in to avoid common pitfalls.

The MPsQ Multi-Dimensional Psychological Questionnaire

The MPsQ is a suite of proprietary, fit-for-purpose questionnaires that evaluate specific aspects of patient psychology to better understand how individual patient characteristics relate to clinical trial data variability. The questionnaires are designed to be used as modules that can be optimally timed and administered in each trial.

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Intuitive interface

Clear and simple user interface for questionnaire administration by site staff and for the questionnaire completion by participants.

Seamless connection

Questionnaires can be easily initiated on electronic devices using a QR code to avoid user error.


The unik-me platform allows for questionnaire completion on-site device (desktop or laptop), site or patient tablet, or smartphone.

User friendly

Unik-me is particularly easy-to-use for site staff. Participants can be created and questionnaire administration launched in just 4 total clicks.

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21 CRF Part 11 compliance

GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance

Tools4Patient Product Portfolio

Tools4Patient technologies are aimed at addressing key sources of variability in clinical trial data. All these approaches combine sophisticated psychological profiling with advanced data analytics to characterize, quantify and ultimately reduce variability in clinical data and improve data analysis.

Placebell©™  addresses variability related to each patient’s individual placebo response, which drives patient-to-patient variability.

CaliPER addresses variability between sites, geographies and cultures.

COV-IQ addresses variability resulting from individual patient response to stress or crisis situations.

The unik-me platform is our cloud-based software to easily and seamlessly administer psychological questionnaires to clinical trial patients.

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Placebell: Because Every Patient Matters

Placebell can be deployed with no risk to your data or statistical analysis. It’s the placebo response insurance policy your trial deserves.