Reduce Clinical Trial Data Variability

Every clinical trial is made up of patients. And every patient is different.

Tools4Patient aims to understand these inherent differences between patients to address key sources of variability in clinical trial data.

Reducing data variability means increasing trial power, improving data analysis and empowering decision-making. It means that clinical trials need to be repeated less often. It means that drug programs are more likely to succeed. Most importantly, it means assuring and accelerating the delivery of medicines to patients.

Predict each clinical trial patient's placebo responsiveness to increase clinical trial power and reduce the risk of inconclusive trials
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Characterize clinical trial patient’s individual response to stress and change in trial conduct during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Tools4Patient Milestones

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De-Risk Drug Development

The pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries have been plagued by high rates of failure in Phase 2 and Phase 3 due to the inability to demonstrate therapeutic efficacy. Over time, this has resulted in clinical trials that are longer, more expensive and more burdensome for patients. It has also resulted in the premature discontinuation of the development of efficacious drugs. Tools4Patient has developed platform technologies that address key sources of data variability to improve the success rate of clinical trials and de-risk the drug development process.

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Tools4Patient's Mission

Tools4Patient is passionate about empowering pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies to make the right decisions at the right time, ultimately aiming to accelerate patient access to new therapeutics.

The company was founded by long-time colleagues with decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry who set out to tackle some of the most challenging issues that prevent drugs from reaching the marketplace.

Latest News and Events from Tools4Patient

The Placebo Response: A Hidden Risk to COVID-19 Trials” – First Opinion written by Tools4Patient authors published in STAT News

STAT News published “The Placebo Response: A Hidden Risk to COVID-19 Trials” written by Tools4Patient authors on October 13, 2020. The

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Decentralized Clinical Trials

With the potential to  improve recruitment rates, simplify compliance, reduce drop-out rates, and speed-up your product’s time to market, decentralized clinical trials represent

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Reducing clinical data variability. Empowering better decision making. Accelerating the launch of therapeutics to market.